In July, 2021, Easton Urban Kapital realized their promise to support the community in the education sector. As a development company that focuses on building residential projects that cater to young families, we think that it is appropriate to focus our CSR initiatives to help kids receive the education that they need to grow up into strong, independent, creative individuals.

While trying to find the right organization to help us distribute our funds to the right children, we came across Rumah Faye, a nonprofit organization whose vision is to free Indonesian children from trafficking, abuse, and exploitation.

After discussing with the team from Rumah Faye, we found out that their team works from Prevention, Rescue, and Recovery stages. They also create a safe haven for victimized kids and provide them with counseling, education, and life skills. We feel that their mission is in line with our dreams, so we decided to provide them with a financial aid that they can use to help the children in their safe houses.

We would also like to encourage you to support Rumah Faye. There are multiple ways to contribute: (1) sharing the work that they do with your friends & family, (2) volunteering being a part of their team, or (3) making a donation on your own!


You can find all the information about their mission and how to contribute on their website.

Rumah Faye



In 2020, Easton Urban Kapital launched their CSR Initiatives.

Starting with supplying medical gear to help medical workers combat the Covid-19 crisis in the capital city. 


Our CSR Initiatives will not end here. We would to do this consistently.

So, if you are part of a nonprofit organization or organizing a charity event focusing on education, fill down the form below and we can discuss how Easton Urban Kapital can contribute to your cause.


CSR Inquiry

Please let us know if you need any help from our CSR effort:

Thank you! We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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