Easton Edukids

June 2022
Easton Edukids

Easton Urban Kapital has always been passionate about positively impacting society. One of our biggest dreams is to help people get a proper education—everyone should have access to it regardless of their background, especially the young generations. We believe education is essential to help them obtain a chance at better lives.

In 2022, we decided to continue the past Easton CSR initiatives—to help kids receive the proper education they need to expand their knowledge, grow creatively, and achieve their dreams. As a development company that focuses on building residential projects, we have people who help us to construct and maintain our projects, such as builders, foremen, cleaners, and security guards. On this occasion, we are pleased to help those who are close to us by providing education funds for their children. This financial aid is for one school year and we will send it to them every six months. In addition, we also give them special gifts to support their studies, like stationeries, lunch boxes, bags, and other school essentials.

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This initiative has been running well for one semester and now, we're entering the second semester. We are beyond grateful to see our eastonkids can study well at school. We hope that our initiative can enhance the education of young generations to make a good impact on our surroundings, especially those closest to us.

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